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by the sea

Beside (Cạnh)

Status: Longfic, completed

Category: Romance, Angst

Rating: M

I    II    III    IV    V    VI    VII    VIII    IX    X    XI    XII



7 pieces of soul

Seven pieces of Soul 

(Bảy mảnh linh hồn)

Status: Longfic, completed

Category: Dark theme, Angst, Tragedy, Drama

Rating: MA

Warning: self-harm, smut

I. The Bizarre Novelist    |    II. Obsession

III. Maelstrom    |    IV. The First Piece

V. The Second Piece    |     VI. Secret

VII. Favour    |    VIII. The Third Piece

IX. The Fourth Piece    |    X. Confession

XI. The Fifth Piece    |    XII. The Sixth Piece

Extra    |    XIII. The Seventh Piece




Petite and Perfect

Người yêu hoàn hảo và bé nhỏ của tôi

Status: Shortfic, completed

Category: Omegaverse (ABO!au), slight!angst

Rating: K+ / M

Đọc thêm về thể loại ABO ở đây.

i     |     ii     |     iii     |     iv     |     v     |     vi     |     vii



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Dieu Vous Garde

God bless you!

Status: Twoshot (7500 words), completed

Category: Angst, Tragedy

Rating: M

Warning: anorexia nervosa, mental illness,

self-harm, sexual harassment

i. My Muse

ii. Rose Quartz and Serenity




(This fan-art was taken from @Kizentezji)

Between Heaven and Hell

Giữa Thiên đường và Địa ngục

Status: Shortfic, completed

Category: Omegaverse (ABO!au), married life!au

Rating: M

i. Empathy      |      ii. Wreck

iii. What can I do to make your day better?

iv. Wedded Bliss      |      v. Love Bite




Journey to the Earth

Hành trình trở về Trái Đất

Status: Longfic, completed

Category: Science fiction, Romance

Rating: K+

Intro / Description

I. First Dawn Mission

II. Hibernation

III. Philophobia

Bonus: The Minder

IV. Mistpouffer

V. Turbulence X

VI. Decision

VII. Head to the Milky Way

VIII. The Earth

IX. Sacrifice, 1  |  Sacrifice, 2

X. Mission Completed



La douleur exquise. The heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable.

La Douleur Exquise

Status: oneshot

Category: …

Rating: M

Description: Nỗi đau đến nghẹt thở vì mãi mãi không thể có được người mà ta thương.






Cruel Fairy Tale

Status: Drable

Category: Romance, normal life! au, slight! mental illness

Rating: K+

Drable 1: My haven, his little Broadway

Drable 2: A Fairytale Fanatic





Status: Drable

Category: Romance

Rating: K

Description: A love letter from Jinyoung to Mark.





Request Opening: Thousand ways to fall in love with you


Status: as request

Category: as request

Rating – Warning: as request

[request 1] Having you

[request 2] Irresistible

[request 3] Princes’ love story 1   |   2   |   3

[request 4] Thanks,

[request 5] Wedding Day 1     |     2

[request 6] Blue Baby 1      |       2



Markjin Oneshot

MarkJin Oneshot Collection

(click on link above)




|Of Our Youth|

Thuộc về thanh xuân của chúng ta

Status: Drable

Category: Romance, Pink, School life

Rating: K

Description: Một chùm drable viết về

Mark sunbae x Nyeong mọt sách

Drable 1. Memories and Memorize

Drable 2. Cat Lovers

Drable 3. Mark Tuan’s Priority

Drable 4. Soft Winter

Drable 5

Drable 6