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by the sea

Beside (Cạnh)

Status: Longfic, completed

Category: Romance, Angst

Rating: M

I    II    III    IV    V    VI    VII    VIII    IX    X    XI    XII



7 pieces of soul

Seven pieces of Soul 

(Bảy mảnh linh hồn)

Status: Longfic, completed

Category: Dark theme, Angst, Tragedy, Drama

Rating: MA

Warning: self-harm, smut

I. The Bizarre Novelist    |    II. Obsession

III. Maelstrom    |    IV. The First Piece

V. The Second Piece    |     VI. Secret

VII. Favour    |    VIII. The Third Piece

IX. The Fourth Piece    |    X. Confession

XI. The Fifth Piece    |    XII. The Sixth Piece

Extra    |    XIII. The Seventh Piece




Petite and Perfect

Người yêu hoàn hảo và bé nhỏ của tôi

Status: Shortfic, completed

Category: Omegaverse (ABO!au), slight!angst

Rating: K+ / M

Đọc thêm về thể loại ABO ở đây.

i     |     ii     |     iii     |     iv     |     v     |     vi     |     vii



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Dieu Vous Garde

God bless you!

Status: Twoshot (7500 words), completed

Category: Angst, Tragedy

Rating: M

Warning: anorexia nervosa, mental illness,

self-harm, sexual harassment

i. My Muse

ii. Rose Quartz and Serenity




(This fan-art was taken from @Kizentezji)

Between Heaven and Hell

Giữa Thiên đường và Địa ngục

Status: Shortfic, completed

Category: Omegaverse (ABO!au), married life!au

Rating: M

i. Empathy      |      ii. Wreck

iii. What can I do to make your day better?

iv. Wedded Bliss      |      v. Love Bite




Journey to the Earth

Hành trình trở về Trái Đất

Status: Longfic, completed

Category: Science fiction, Romance

Rating: K+

Intro / Description

I. First Dawn Mission

II. Hibernation

III. Philophobia

Bonus: The Minder

IV. Mistpouffer

V. Turbulence X

VI. Decision

VII. Head to the Milky Way

VIII. The Earth

IX. Sacrifice, 1  |  Sacrifice, 2

X. Mission Completed



La douleur exquise. The heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable.

La Douleur Exquise

Status: oneshot

Category: …

Rating: M

Description: Nỗi đau đến nghẹt thở vì mãi mãi không thể có được người mà ta thương.






Cruel Fairy Tale

Status: Drable

Category: Romance, normal life! au, slight! mental illness

Rating: K+

Drable 1: My haven, his little Broadway

Drable 2: A Fairytale Fanatic





Status: Drable

Category: Romance

Rating: K

Description: A love letter from Jinyoung to Mark.





Request Opening: Thousand ways to fall in love with you


Status: as request

Category: as request

Rating – Warning: as request

[request 1] Having you

[request 2] Irresistible

[request 3] Princes’ love story 1   |   2   |   3

[request 4] Thanks,

[request 5] Wedding Day 1     |     2

[request 6] Blue Baby 1      |       2



Markjin Oneshot

MarkJin Oneshot Collection

(click on link above)




|Of Our Youth|

Thuộc về thanh xuân của chúng ta

Status: Drable

Category: Romance, Pink, School life

Rating: K

Description: Một chùm drable viết về

Mark sunbae x Nyeong mọt sách

Drable 1. Memories and Memorize

Drable 2. Cat Lovers

Drable 3. Mark Tuan’s Priority

Drable 4. Soft Winter

Drable 5. That question

Drable 6. What do you want for Christmas?

Drable 7. Things we just couldn’t avoid

Drable 8. Stay with me

Drable 9. Sunday Afternoon

Drable 0.9 Cherry Blossoms Thing