[2012. 08. 03 - 2016. 07. 10] 

Latest update~


Almost 4 years has passed and lots of expected things happened, unexpected things happened too. Had to delete a few things because I realized I no longer expected them to happen anymore, and added some new lines because I thought it will be fun.

Bold lines – gained

Italic lines – desperately want to gain lol


  1. 1st travel / study abroad
  2. TOPIK level 3 (have gained 5 by now and too lazy to get 6)
  3. Skiing
  4. Build a snowman
  5. Record a song (have recorded a lot lol)
  6. Dance at a Prom
  7. Dress like a princess
  8. Climb on a mountain peak and scream out loud
  9. Take a photo with a famous person
  10. Declare a relationship
  11. Go to Europe
  12. Aunt gets married
  13. Aunt finds true happiness
  14. Meet an author and have a signature on book
  15. 1st sleeping party (with NC)
  16. Dip dye hair (yeah pink and blonde, but never ever bleach hair again!!)
  17. Have a tattoo
  18. Scholarship for study abroad
  19. Go to a Korean band’s concert
  20. Have IELTS or TOEFL iBT
  21. First kiss (shameeee)
  22. Graduate from university
  23. Learn 3rd foreign language
  24. Have a Korean close friend
  25. 1st branded shoes / heels
  26. Get a real job
  27. MA thesis
  28. Eat living seafood
  29. 1st NC member gets married
  30. Start a blog to write fictions
  31. My cupcakes page opened
  32. Be a bridesmaid
  33. Dead drunk
  34. Hug a stranger
  35. Learn to make pottery
  36. Try to practice calligraphy
  37. Play a piece of music by piano any instrument
  38. Join a last single party
  39. 1st NC baby
  40. 1st chance of living alone independently
  41. 1st month’s salary
  42. Learn to drive cars
  43. Backpack trip
  44. Decorate a Christmas tree (with boyfriend anyone)
  45. Hold someone hand and walk in the rain
  46. Attend a high school class meeting
  47. Participate in a non-governmental organization
  48. Watch a live English musical show
  49. Go to Jeju island
  50. My little cute things shop / cake shop opened
  51. 1st baking prize
  52. Attend Honors Program
  53. My own DSLR
  54. Get any prize related to literature writing
  55. 1st time go to pub
  56. Taste snow
  57. Go to an amusement abroad (Everland in Korea)
  58. 1st personal stamp
  59. 1st (business) name card
  60. Attend a professional baking / cake decorating class
  61. Get into a fashion show
  62. Have love locks
  63. Find true love (please come right away 😥 )
  64. Find true happiness (too cheesy :< )


… to be continued