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It hurts, whenever I see your head’s down and your shoulders are curved forward,

because you don’t want your face to be taken by cameras.


It hurts, when seeing you and the boys suffered from these bullshit scandals and I couldn’t do anything to help.

Except sitting here,

and hoping

and praying

and murmuring to myself that in the end everything will be okay.


You know what, shiet things just happen to anyone of us.

We don’t wish for it, I don’t and you either.

No one deserves to feel pain.


It just hurts a bit more day after day since I’ve realized that my our angels who bring us joy and bliss also have to endure suffering too.

Despite the sentence that how strong you are and will be, just tell me if there’s anything I could do to ease your pain.

Because it’s you and the boys who eased my pain already and I don’t know what to do to return the favor but keep saying the promise – ‘I won’t leave you, I will always be here’.


Sometimes I just wish for our 7 boys not being human.

Why you guys couldn’t be angels and just need to smile as sunshine?

Angels who everyday go outside to sprinkle pixie dust to brighten the world.

And willing to console broken soul like me.


I need you so don’t be defeated by those cruel words, keep smiling and everything shall pass.

I promise.


From -G. with so many comforts.