(may be you don’t want to read it, it’s personal post of mine and it’s not as bright as the title, so you have been warned. sorry for this.)

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I think I’m a lucky person because I already met too many angels in life.


You may not know that I have an angel of my own. She shined as the sun at dawn.  She was gorgeous as you are now, Mark.


Hey, let me tell you a fun fact, she was about Joey’s age, may be a couple of months older. How lovely that I have a sister and you have a brother and we are the same age as well, right? I just thought it’s cute.


She was a little too much adorable if you asked me. That natural curled hair fit her round face too well and she looked like a little twinkled twinkled star every time she smiled.


She was a truly talented child.

She could do ballet, folk dance and also contemporary dance since she was just 10.

She could play piano too, just simple pieces but, she practiced them on her own.


She just bloomed so perfectly. I realized that I adore her so much more whenever I talk about her.

She is my pride, always.


I miss her when she was a little clingy.

I wonder if she would love you too.


But why she had to leave, Mark? Why a peaceful and graceful child as her had to leave so soon?

She left and I’m so broken. It couldn’t be fixed.


It hurts because I have to use past tense to talk about my little cherished sister. It’s so hard for me even 4 years had passed.

May be I didn’t deserve her. May be she will go to a better place where everything is beautiful and peaceful as herself.


I always love her with all my heart. I wish she could know that truth.



I’m sorry for this but I didn’t tell anyone about my feeling this much,

and I just thought that you need to know one of the reasons why I became an angsty person so…


I’m sorry for bothering you though.



From –G. with so much emptiness.