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Hey Mark Tuan, I’m sick.


Headache, sore throat, aches all over my body.


I got wet 4 or 5 times when I rode my motorbike few days ago, I didn’t remember.

Just knew that I was too lazy to put the raincoat on and after 5 minutes endured it, it came harder and I got caught in torrential downpour. Yea my bad, I know.


It could be called a little self-harm, if anyone saw me in that state.


And now my body’s aching everywhere, feel like thousand tons are pressed on my neck and my shoulder. Tiredness, limb pain, chesty cough, fever, headache,




I may not think straight when I wrote these sentences.

But you still listen to me no matter what right?


Pardon, I have to cough because my throat feels so itchy. And yea, now it even hurts more.


I will be fine, after take these pills, I promise I will be okay then.


I’m listening to Jun K’s new album “Mr. No Love”. I just tell if you’re incidentally listening to it too. Those good songs saved my days, really.


You may think that I’m too weak, I don’t deny it. I’m too weak to be alone.


So why God hasn’t sent anyone to me yet? He even took my beloved sister away from me. He took away my only happiness, my only bless, my only consolation.


Life’s so cruel. I don’t know how long I could stand anymore.


Maybe I don’t deserve to know what true love is. Maybe I don’t deserve to be loved.


Maybe if I bring that thought along with me from now to the last day of my life, I would survive without asking for more. Without feeling my unhappiness.


You must live a much better, brighter and healthier life than me, Mark Tuan. I don’t allow you to feel unhappy.



I think I will take a sleep.

Goodbye Mark.



From –G. with temperature of 38◦C.