My favorite shade of blue

My serenity, let’s listen this song together, and here I would tell you a story.


My dear,


Let me introduce to you, a blue bird, and her dreams of all time.

You may ask who she is, all I can tell you is that she’s really a mystery.

She loves purple and blue shades, lilac and baby blue,

Especially a tone of purity and softness called first dawn, she really loves it.

But it turns out that she never gets out of her own blue,

And it sounds confusing but this time I don’t mean blue is a shade of color.



My own artwork

She always wants to be a baker, she made a lot of it,

Fairy cupcakes and petite fours, from angel food cake to red velvet.

She made them with her full of sincerity and enthusiasm,

With every single piece of her soul, her mind, and her heart.

How she felt her head was filled with inspiration

That every time she beholds butter cream flowing through decoration tips.

She felt peace and tense at the same time, but blue bird is totally fine with that.

She appreciates every moment waiting for the batter in the oven,

And during that she hums, a serene melody of her own.

Blue bird hopes to have a little cake shop.

She loves to instruct cake lover how to make a perfect butter cream David Austin Rose.


She also wanna be a therapist, who would cure and heal people by words.

Because she is the one who understand suffering of living.

She endures enough of that.

She wants to know ways could help to free people, free suffered soul just like her.


Blue bird wants to rescue all the cats in this world too.

She couldn’t deny that she has had passion for cats since she was just a little baby.

She wanna be a volunteer in cat shelter or someday she would own one.


She definitely loves to write. Writing is exactly the way she shows herself to people.

Not by talking, certainly.

She creates characters and really lives with them, in health and sickness, through sorrow and happiness, she makes sure not to leave them until end.


Blue bird loves to take photograph, of all things she would endear.

Pictures of her artworks, her cupcakes, her books, her cats,

Pictures of every sparkling and colorful place she has passed.

Pictures of foods she ate with appreciation, of every little thing she bought by her ability.

She wants to live better, but she has her own high standard of living.

Maybe just a few people could understand her desire and wishes,

And maybe because of that, blue bird has to face to a little more difficulties.


But you know what, she would continue to walk on the way to figure her out,

To crave for dream and never give up.

Though it couldn’t be easy, though she would see a lot of obstacles.

She just has to do it. And she will.


Mark, would you like to make friend with her?



-From blue bird’s letter carrier-