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당신이 뭔가를 잘못해서 혹은 사랑받을 자격이 없어서 학대를 받은 건 아니다.

당신은 충분히 사랑받을 자격이 있고 사랑받아 마땅할 만큼 눈부시게 빛나고 미치도록 사랑스러운 사람이었다고..

그러니까 잊으라고 이제부턴 사랑받고 살아야한다고..

It’s not because you did something wrong, or because you didn’t have the right to be loved, that you were abused.

You definitely have all the right to be cherished.., and you are someone who shines so beautifully, so lovingly, and so deserving of love, so forget it all.

From now on, just live and be loved…


– Kill me Heal me, Cha Do Hyun –


So I just wish at least there is someone who understands, and because they love me, really care for me, then they would tell me this.

To comfort me a bit, to show me their affection.

I wish this time, I finally could feel at ease.