Hello sunshine,


It’s another November 11th comes, your most favorite date of all time.

People outside are celebrating it, because it’s too special to ignore, or just to let it go.

But for me, it became a special day because you’re a special being, absolutely not because of Pepero’s day or something. Though I know you love Pepero and can never stop sneaking them before bed and yea, I love Pepero too.

My dear, I miss you this much, that I can buy all Pepero in the world for you.

You deserve so much more than that.

So I thought I could sing you a song, not the old and boring Happy Birthday song though,

Your favorite singer is doing well too, she even became a solo artist.

I hope you love this, it’s eleven-eleven, but don’t worry because I would never, ever forget you.


Love you, sweetheart.


From your beloved sister.