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I’m in good mood and it’s a perfect chilled-out Sunday afternoon so,

I make a promise here for my (future) bae, if you have any intention to show up next year, I will make a galaxy cake for you. 😍😍

Why galaxy cake? Because I love galaxy, and I love cake! 😇😇😇See you my bae ^^




커피를 너무 많이 마셨나 봐요 (Maybe I drank too much coffee)
심장이 막 두근대고 (My heart keeps pounding)
잠은 잘 수가 없어요 (and I can’t sleep well)
한참 뒤에 별빛이 내리면 (after a while when the starlight falls down)
난 다시 잠들 순 없겠죠 (I won’t be able to fall asleep)

지나간 새벽을 다 새면 (If I stay up past dawn)
다시 네 곁에 잠들겠죠 (I’ll sleep by your side again)
너의 품에 잠든 난 마치 (Me falling asleep in your arms)
천사가 된 것만 같아요 (Makes me feel like an angel)

난 그대 품에 (In your arms)
별빛을 쏟아 내리고 (I will make the stars fall down)
은하수를 만들어 (and make the Milky way)
어디든 날아가게 할거야 (So you can fly anywhere you want)

Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
lighting star shooting star
줄게 내 Galaxy (I will give you my Galaxy)

Cause I’m a pilot anywhere
Cause I’m your pilot 네 곁에 (by your side)
저 별을 따 네게만 (I’ll pick those stars)
줄게 my Galaxy (and only give them to you, my Galaxy)


~ I’m so in love with the lyric