Hey pure happiness,


Hey ‘no-jam’ person,


Hey Mark Potter,


Merry Christmas!


It has been a year since I last saw you and just wanna say that I miss you so, so, so much as if I can give up everything just to run to you right now ㅠㅠ


No we both know that I could handle things better than this, so I’ll keep going, we will meet each other again someday, I promise you that.


So please stay healthy and keep doing great, though life would turn upside down sometimes and we must do things that we hate, I still have faith in you. It’s just simple as that, I think I can’t get over Mark Tuan even so many years have passed and no one could ever replace you. So.. that’s it, I’m totally Mark’s trash at least until the end of the next year lol


And yeah you know, I’ll always support you, no matter what happens and no matter where life takes us, you and the other boys will always have a place in my heart.


We are almost 24 and next year let’s do something fun, something we love and something keeps us stay positive, regretless and determined.


Remember to call home, not texting them, they must have missed your English accent. Because me either!


Love you, Tuan.


And tell baby Ji-nyeongie I miss him too.


Best wishes for you guys,



A Christmas card to Mark Tuan, from –G. with lots of love.