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Behind the background, legs constantly fidgeted but heart fluttered and butterflies were all in the stomach, they really really loved what they were doing and certainly will continue to pursue it together, until the end of this world, until time stops.


They made our hearts beat faster, pounding, racing, throbbing, so that we could not ever forget the moment of our happiness.


GOT7 could be anything, and everything.


At the same time, these shadows are real but too unreal,

They are in the middle of transformation, to the level of being immortal by music, passion and desire.

They are angels in dream, so shine, so gorgeous and so beautiful.


Diamond in black, gold in stone, despite all those difficulties and challenges, they’ve grown up all perfectly, be determined and strong, in my eyes they are shining bright than ever.



So to me GOT7 is,







This is the first time I say it without hesitation, by all its meaning and in all sincerity,

I’m truly in love with these 7 boys and will cherish them, support them as long as they are beside each other.


forever and always.